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Welcome to my website. It is dedicated to the work of one of the world’s greatest directors, Wong Kar-Wai. Since seeing his films I have been hypnotised by the beauty, vision and scope of his work, not just technically, but emotionally too. How should I put this? Let's just say that I have seen cinema in a whole new light since seeing WKW's films - they redefined the way I watch films, or even more generally the way I perceive and appreciate anything which might be called art.

In this website you will find reviews, and longer reviews which shade into (highly subjective and entirely non-scholarly) essays (which of course contain SPOILERS) - all of which I have been inspired to write due to the brilliance of depth and scope I have found in WKW’s films. I hope you have enjoyed, or will enjoy his films as much as I have, and that you will find this website has at least some useful ideas worth exchanging.


LATEST UPDATE (27 February 2008):

Updates to WKW's biography to bring things up to date. I have yet to see the recently released My Blueberry Nights, but will report back with a review when I do.


Update (15 December 2005)

A new review - this time of the documentary, Buenos Aires Zero Degree (the making of Happy Together).


Update (30 July 2005):

I have added a review of 2046, and have altered several related pages, such as photos.


Update (04 December 2004):

I have updated several sections, including changing a few words in Wong Kar-Wai's biography. In the Long Reviews section I've extended the Ashes of Time subtitle piece, and added a new page on the people around WKW (Unsung heroes and other 'playaz').


2046 is now complete and has premiered in several countries around the world. The UK premiere was at the Odeon, Leicester Square, London, as part of a special gala screening for the London Film Festival, on 29 October 2004.

Though I didn't possess tickets, I went along to watch the arrivals... it turned out only WKW arrived (i.e. I didn't see any of the main stars) and I picked a bad spot (he got out the other side of the car). Anyway, here is the best shot I could take (yeah, it was pretty bad). He's the guy with the shades in the middle of the picture facing the left.

Too bad I didn't pick up a hardboard 2046 poster (i.e. steal one from the crowd barriers they were tied to) either. I'm sure they'll be collectors items before long. I will watch 2046 soon.


Update (30 December 2003):

Please check out a medley I recorded and bodged together based on the soundtrack of Ashes of Time. Any feedback welcome. Happy New Year! Click here to download (3.4 MB)


At the start of 2004, due to difficulties in listing with Google, this site was mirrored so as to exist at two locations (one of which you'll probably be at now):

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