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My Links

A discussion board for absolutely anything even remotely WKW-related. Excellent place to keep to date with news and ask questions.

Here are some Wong Kar-Wai related links: a mixture of entire sites and discussion boards, as well as standalone essays and reviews.

A good standalone fansite, plenty of sections to explore.


Overview by film journo and long time WKW fan Tony Rayns - puts WKW in top 10 of 20thC film innovators.

Pictures/posters only (many stills not in the films) - too many pop-ups.

The database contains more films than WKW is usually credited for.

Essayish - quite indepth.

Sort of WKW retrospective - nice overview.

For anything about HK, China and Taiwan films which goes beyond wham-bam action fodder.

Scholarly, yet also rather beautiful essay exploring not just the 'difference' of WKW, but what defines his films.

Great essay arguing (perhaps slightly too far) that WKW is representative of HK (entertainment) culture - completely at odds with the following essay below.

Essay written by someone who admits to being 'not steeped in Hong Kong culture' - scholarly, but veers too close to looking purely at genre and socio-cultural readings - slightly tendencious in dismissing dominant cinema as the antithesis of WKW, and in rating WKW based on genre subversion (Ashes Of Time his 'most disappointing effort'? Oh, come on!).